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Italy – Ligurian Riviera – Andora

Andora, which is located to the extreme west of the Savona province, is a popular destination for its golden sandy beaches that extend for almost 2 km and are considered among the most beautiful in the west side of Liguria, as well as the excellent quality of its sea. Together with the beach, the sea and the sun, the new touristic target of Andora is the environment with many destinations like the “Merula Oasis”, a protected area located at the mouth of Merula stream, which is ideal for bird watching. Besides this, the environmental attractions also include green walking paths and the “Cetacean’s Sanctuary” where you can experience Whale Watching.

However, Andora has also tradition, history, cuisine and sport:

Cycling, MTB, diving, sailing, windsurfing and trekking turn Andora into an ideal destination for both a relaxing seaside and sport filled holiday. Andora’s surroundings are a must to discover: three different green walking paths let the visitor enjoy all the beauty of this territory. The first one leads to the discovery of the Ancient Medieval Route by touching the most interesting places and buildings from a historic point of view. The second one, also known as “Percorso Mezz’Acqua” (Half Water Trail), goes across the Mediterranean scrub and connects the seaside of Andora with San Damian’s Chapel and with Colla Micheri hamlet, joining then other green walking paths in the neighbouring town of Laigueglia. A third itinerary leads to the discovery of the Ancient Village of Rollo with its olive groves.


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