Article written by Martina Torre, Alessia Torre, Filippo Tassistro, Marta Gambino and Giulia Tesoro – III E, Inst. Firpo Buonarroti, Genoa.

Are you ready to get into your car and go for an itinerary around Imperia’s most beautiful hamlets? So let’s go! We suggest you to leave from Triora following an itinerary that will take you towards the coast.

Triora (one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and awarded the Orange Flag) is only a few km from Imperia and is known as “the witches’ village”. Located at an altitude of 780 m above sea level, it has only 350 inhabitants. Entering this fantastic hamlet you can notice a funny welcome board with a small witch on.


Another particular thing about this place are the typical small streets known as caruggi, that create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Before going on with your trip, we recommend you to buy Triora’s bread, that is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product and one of Italian Best Breads according to the Association Pani d’Italia.

In only one hour you can reach Pigna, another wonderful hamlet. Pigna, like Triora, was awarded the Orange Flag.

Pigna is mostly famous for its religious architecture, but it has also a lot of green areas where you can have a pic-nic and taste Triora’s bread. So, remember to take some toys and a towel for your children with you.

Just 14 minutes by car from Pigna, you can find the small medieval hamlet of Apricale, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy awarded with the Orange Flag, too.


Apricale is really suggestive thanks to its terracings, mountains and breathtaking panorama. The characteristic little stone houses seem a waterfall coming down the steep hill, on which top there is the Castle. Do not leave Apricale without tasting the pansarole, typical delicious sweet pancakes: if you like, you can taste them with zabaglione.

After having tasted this delicacy, we suggest you to go on towards Dolceacqua, another Orange Flag village, that is only 13 minutes by car from Apricale.


You will walk through a path with an amazing panorama thanks to the typical medieval caruggi. The charming atmosphere will throw you in the past, among ladies and knights, and maybe you will also meet a little witch..

We are sure your children will love this day trip: they will have fun, but then they will be so tired that they will sleep all the way back.

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