Genoa keeps a precious treasure. In the heart of the old town centre, the Superba has a really priceless asset: the Rolli Palaces, the old houses of the nobles families, who aspired to host the most important public personalities, can still today be visited in all their original magnificence.

In the 16th century the mighty Genoese families chose Strada Nuova (New Street), today Via Garibaldi, as their ideal place for their palaces and that was the beginning of the new noble neighbourhood: they challenged each other to build the most luxurious villa and the most sumptuous house. The Rolli were established, such as registers of the palaces, that were designated to host the great personalities passing through Genoa.


In 2006 these palaces entered the World Heritage Sites of Unesco to help the city of the Lanterna to celebrate its Renaissance majesty.

Twice a year the Municipality of Genoa organizes guided visits (always very crowded) to the Rolli Palaces as a way to spread the knowledge of the history and magnificence of the city.


The so called “Rolli” or “Minor Rolli” are many amazing palaces and each deserves a visit. Today a lot of them house prestigious public and private activities that keep and praise the past splendour.

On New Year’s Eve 9 of the Rolli Palaces are open for people who want to visit them accompanied by a guide (booking is compulsory).

You can find the complete list of Rolli Palaces and book your ticket on the dedicated page on and take a look to their beauty.


Spend a day among timeless places finding out the noble side of Genoa!

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