Liguria is a land with large gardens and parks from east to west: you could discover wonderful natural beauty, merged with vegetation, art and architecture. You can visit Ligurian gardens and parks in every seasons: its climate condition allows flowering even in the winter season.



The Pallavicini Park of Pegliwas built between 1840 and 1846. and designed by architect Michele Canzio, at the behest of Marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini.

The visit is defined on the base of a theatrical structure, which offers you a complete experience, steeped in meditation, philosophy and panoramic scenes. This is what makes the park so special andunic.

You can walk through the park, viewing abounding with lakes, streams, waterfalls, garden buildings and furnishings, rare plants: all of these caracteristics makes the park a fairy tale bookplace.



The Villa of Serra di Comago, dated 1851, is an english park with 9 hectare of gardens. It has a central Tudor- style cottage with an embattled tower, around that the whole park was designed.

The environment is elegant and charming:let be yourself surprised by natural context of flowers, colors and perfumes of this amazing place. Moreover, the park obtained the largest collection of Hydrangeasin Italy, with 2000 plant and 260 varieties.

In 1992, the Villa was re-opened to the public after a renovation that brought the park back to its original lines and today the park is a public propertyand is run by Consorzio Villa Serra.



The Gardens of Villa della Pergola, built at the end of the XIX century are an extraordinary example of an english garden in Italy.

The park, which was renovated by architect Paolo Pejrone, covers an area of 22,000 square metresand is famous for its exotic floraand its seasonal flowerings.

The gardens is rich of beautiful plants, like the the collection of Hysteria and the collection of Agapanthus.

LA CERVARA – S. Margherita Ligure / Portofino (GE)

Santa Margherita Ligure, abbazzia della Cervara

La Cervara is the only Italian garden in Liguria, with an unmatched viewof the Ligurian Sea.

Born as a monastery, today is an amazing place with a lovely and relaxing atmosphere: the vinesof the ancient pergolas and many spaceof flower species growing up every time of the year. We cannot cite the flowerings of the centuries-old wisteria and of the star jasmineand the delicious perfumes of the aromatic eras and the interesting collection of potted citrus plant, which you can find in the Garden os the Simples.

VILLA DURAZZO – Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)


The ancient park of Villa Durrazzohas a wonderful panoramic viewin the center of the city. The gardens are structured with three parts: the perfumed and colorful “Citrus Grove”, the“Italian Garden”with a view over the Gulf and the “Romantic English Woods”.

You can discover the Secret Garden and walk along the Virna Lisi rose garden. There is an important examples of the typical ligurian Cobblestone paving called ‘a risseu’. To complete your visit, enter in the villa: you will see an important collection of Genoese masters and precious ant ancient forniture and Murano chandeliers.

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