Have you ever been to the Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure?

There are few places in Italy that offer so much evidence of the different human species between the inferior and superior Paleolithic (350 thousand- 10 thousand years ago). The Archaeological Museum of Finale (MAF) is located in the historic building complex of Saint Catherine in Finalborgo and it is considered one of the most significant cultural spots of Italian and European Prehistory. This is also due to the surrounding territory, which has an abundance of caves with archaeological sites. They have been scientifically studied for about 150 years and have become a reference point for international research.

Museum activities for children and students:

The Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure offers many activities for children. Upon reservation we can organize the following educational services both for children and adults:

Experimental Archaeology teaching laboratories

  • Educational itineraries
  • Teaching games
  • Thematic Insights

Archeotrekking – Archaeological and landscape itineraries in the area of Finale


The Archaeologist’s job

If your little one dreams of working with dinosaurs we recommend the laboratory “The Archaeologist’s job”: young guests, equipped with brushes and small shovels, can take part in an archaeological excavation simulation to bring to light many reproductions of findings. At the end of excavations we will “study” the findings, comparing them and examining the materials they are made of and with the support of our expert guide, we will date them correctly.

The Artist’s shop: analysis and painting of a fresco


Before the laboratory we will visit a cycle of wall paintings from the 2nd century and then the participants will paint a small fresco using traditional techniques. They will then take their work of art as a souvenir of the experience. The activity begins preparing a small quantity of plaster in a container that is then spread on a cardboard support. Then, we will make on it a preliminary drawing using the pouncing technique and finally, once the pigments have been spread over the “fresh” (fresco) plaster, we complete the painting.

Educational itineraries in the Archaeological Museum of Finale


The educational itineraries in the exhibition rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure are equipped with workstations, where you can join different kinds of practical know-how lessons using reproductions of the exhibited materials. The educational itineraries offer the chance to visit the entire museum or just some of the rooms. Through the archaeological artefacts discovered in the territory of Finale, they explain how the key moments in the evolution of human cultures were discovered. Our staff will show you and even let you touch some true copies of chipped stone tools, cutting and perforating tools or instruments used to light the fire, grind cereals, use pigments as well as pottery moulds. For young visitors the activity can be enriched by a treasure hunt or by other team games that are organized inside the exhibition rooms to complete the visit with a learning assessment.


Opening hours for the Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure

SUMMER July-August From Tuesday to Sunday 10-12 and 16-19

WINTER September-June From Tuesday to Sunday 9-12 and 14.30-17

For more information:

Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure Chiostri di Santa Caterina I-17024 FINALE LIGURE BORGO (SV) Tel.: +39 019.690020 Fax: +39 019.681022

E-mail: info@museoarcheofinale.it

Website: www.museoarcheologicodelfinale.it

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