Article written by Stefania Falchi, Elena Palmizio, Arianna Pavan, Giulia Lela and Federica Urso – students of Ist. Firpo Buonarroti in Genoa.


According to tradition, this year too the Fish Festival 2017 will take place on the 14th of May, in honour of San Fortunato, patron saint of fishermen, in Piazza Colombo in Camogli; and this year it will be the 66th edition.

On this occasion, about 3 tons of fresh fish (sardines and anchovies) will be fried on Sunday by the Cooperativa dei Pescatori of Camogli, using a Guinness World Record steel pan: 3,80 m diameter and 26 quintals weight, where about 30.000 fish portions will be fried and then given for free to the guests.

Everyone to Camogli-for-the-Fish-Festival-2017

But Camogli will be celebrating for the entire weekend! On Saturday, the 13th of May, in the evening we suggest you to go to the beach to see the two big fires (each one representing one of the two districts of Camogli: Porto and Pinetto) and the fireworks to celebrate the Fish Festival’s Eve, after the procession accompanied by the local band.

Camogli will be even more beautiful and lively during the whole weekend thanks to many entertaining and music shows for adults and children, to stands selling the typical Ligurian products and to the handcraft market through the town streets.

The Fish Festival 2017 is also the ideal occasion to discover the hamlet of Camogli, a romantic Ligurian town on the sea that is famous for its old harbour and its maritime past, for its colourful buildings on the promenade which overlook the amazing Golfo Paradiso. A breathtaking village which is only a few km from Genoa and which is the perfect starting point to discover the beautiful Parco del Monte of Portofino.


For the Fish Festival 2017 there will be about 100.000 visitors, so if you can, avoid using your car and get to Camogli by train or by boat.

Arriving in Camogli by boat is a suggestive, unique experience that we absolutely suggest you: you can leave from Genoa (the departures are usually in Porto Antico) or from the marina of Recco. This stretch of coast is undoubtedly amazing, but arriving near Camogli, you will have in front of you the colourful “palazzata” and you will feel the same emotions the sailormen felt when they came back home!

If you want to take part in the Fish Festival 2017, stay in one of our structures for families and discover Camogli!

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