We are in the area of Finale Ligure for the most incredible and breath-taking excursion: the walk Varigotti – Noli!

Before reading this article, prepare your binoculars and your camera: you will walk along one of the most beautiful paths in Liguria where sky, rock and sea meet and join together in breath-taking panoramas.


You start from Varigotti, amazing hamlet of Finale Ligure, and you go up to the promontory of Punta Crena, from which you overlook the Saracen Bay. The first part of the path goes up fast and it seems hard, but often as children the citizens went to the little Saracen tower, during the hottest hours of the day, waiting for having a bath, with their daddy in bathing suit and slippers…so don’t worry: children will have a lot of fun, we assure you!

From here you go on to San Lorenzo Church, a Benedictine abbey founded around the 13th century, where you can stop and have your packed lunch. We are on the Pilgrim Path and just behind the hill the walk downhill to Noli begins. You obviously cannot miss the Bandits’ Cave, an amazing natural balcony that will leave you breathless!


Is there something more? Yes, there is!

As you understood, we of Children Riviera are extremely greedy and so we have a suggestion: after the excursion, on the way back to Varigotti, stop to Cassina’s bakery in Via Aurelia, direction Finale Ligure. At that time they usually take the jam sfogliatinas out of the oven: the sunset, the pictures of the day still in mind, your tired legs and a wonderful warm sfogliatina in your hand…we are sure the day will be memorable for everyone!

For further details about the excursion to Capo Noli, ask our friends of “101 Excursions in Liguria”.

Just to have an idea of the glimpses:


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